Finding Comfort With Your Meditation Cushion

How to sit on a buckwheat meditation cushion and floor pillow.

When finding the right position for meditation, the first thing to keep in mind is comfort.

It's essential that you find a position that you feel the most comfortable in to prevent your mind from wandering during practice.

While comfort is the most important thing to be aware, you should also take notice of how you position your back. Keeping your spine stacked and in a straight upright position will keep you more alert and focused.

This will let you pay greater attention to your breath and level of awareness.

Its important to resist any slouching position in your back as this can make you more tired and can create a strain on your neck over time with gravity pulling you down.

If you find it difficulty to keep your back straight you can also place your cushion close to a wall for added back support.

Here are a few posses to be mindful of when finding the right position for your practice.


Easy Pose

Sit on the front half of the cushion, cross legged with your knees wide and one leg placed over the other. This position may be helpful for beginners but can make your feet tingly over time in longer sessions. 

Burmese Position

A variation of the easy cross legged pose. Sit on the front half of the cushion with your knees bent. Place your feet towards you at the centre with both on the floor. Your left heel should be touching the inside of your right upper thigh with your other foot directly in front.

Use a blanket or smaller cushion on the ground under your knees for added support and comfort.


There are three variations of the lotus position to be aware of. All are variations of the Burmese position and require different levels of flexibility in order to achieve.

Do not force yourself into these positions as a beginner. Slowly build up the flexibility and remember to go with what makes you comfortable.

A quarter Lotus involves sitting in a similar position to the Burmese but with one of your feet perched between your calf and thigh.

A half Lotus involves placing your leg above the apposing thigh as apposed to being wedged in between.

And a full Lotus involves placing both of your legs above the opposing thigh.


Remember that the most important thing when determining your seating on the cushion is comfort and supporting your spine.

Find a comfortable position you can relax and stay focused in while keeping your spine stacked and in a straight position. 

Happy Meditating.

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